October 20, 2018


Stanford University, CA


Gooddler social innovation youth summit

Co-hosted by UNFPA


Tentative Day Flow

9:30 AM -  10:00 AM

Registration, Relationship Building

10:00 AM - 10:05 AM

Opening Ceremony

10:05 AM - 10:25 AM

Keynote: “Pull the Future Forward”

Galina Fedorova, Gooddler

10:25 AM - 10:40 AM

Keynote: Mandira Paul, UNFPA

10:40 AM - 10:55 AM

Keynote: "Creating value for multiple stakeholders to redesign social realities"

Dr. Krzysztof Dembek, Swinburne University of Technology & Melbourne Business School Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre, Australia

10:55 AM 11:15 AM

Panel discussion: "The Era of Evolutionary Entrepreneurs: Beyond the Myths of Laser-Focus, Impact Metrics, and Predictive Theories of Change"

Moderator: Tatiana Vekovishcheva, Institute for Evolutionary Leadership, USA
Dr. Krzysztof Dembek, Swinburne University of Technology & Melbourne Business School Asia Pacific Social Impact Centre, Australia
Phionah Musumba, Girls Empowerment Bootcamp Series, Kenya
Etienne Salborn, Social Innovation Academy, Uganda
Aline Iglesias Loureiro Natividade, Awí Amazon Fruits, Brazil

11:15 AM - 11:35 PM

Keynote: “Drones in The Future of Cities”

Dr. Jonathan Reichental, CIO for the City of Palo Alto, California

How drones will impact the future urban landscape? Some researchers speculate that if driverless cars become a reality, driverless aircraft could soon follow. Drone technology could be the key to unlocking the potential of larger pilotless vehicles, and even developing science fiction’s long-awaited flying cars. This reality could be even closer than we imagine!

11:35 PM - 12:00 PM

Panel discussion: “EgoSystems vs EcoSystems: How to grow a community beyond yourself”

Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Chairman and co-founder at Social Capital Forum (Sweden)
Galina Fedorova, President of Gooddler Foundation (USA)
Shaina Silva, Founder of WOCO, and the #SHE_BUILDS Global Initiative, Director of Industry Accelerators at RocketSpace

12:05 PM 1:00 PM  

Networking Lunch

1:00 PM   1:20 PM  

Panel Discussion: “Young Leaders Speak”

Moderator: Christi Whaley

Mahika Halepete, 15, Gooddler Fellow, the founder and Executive Director of AYANA International, a nonprofit initiative which she created to harness the power of youth innovation to solve global problems.

Sara Dada, Gooddler Fellow, Founder of ApolloBox

Rohan Shah, Gooddler Fellow, Founder of SkilledReaders

Dalton Jacobson

1:20 PM   1:50 PM  

Keynote: "The future of neighborhoods"

James Ehrlich, Founder of ReGen Villages, Senior Technologist at Stanford University, Senior Fellow at Opus Novum consortium at NASA Ames and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab.

1:50 PM   2:20 PM  

Panel Discussion: “Africa: Myths and Realities”

Mannie T’Chawi, co-founder of LayerCake; a social enterprise that promotes financial inclusivity and security in Tanzania
Ikenna Nzewi, Co-founder at Releaf, integrated palm kernel oil factory (Nigeria). Ikenna has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. He is Co-founder & COO of Releaf, an integratedpalm kernel oil factory in Nigeria. Releaf is backed by Y Combinator and Pres. Adesina of AfDB.
Krupa Patel, Founder & CEO - Anza (Tanzania), that provides capacity building, access to debt capital and collaborative co-working space for social businesses. Through this robust range of offerings, Anza meaningfully assists to start and scale businesses that create more jobs and provide life improving products or services to low income Tanzanians.
Paul-Miki Akpablie is the founder and CEO of Kadi Energy Company (Ghana, USA), that has a sustainable business model, for the purpose of improving the lives of Ghana’s rural poor by providing environmentally friendly products while simultaneously delivering significant returns to investors. At the age of fifteen and living in Ghana, he developed a solar collector that was used to power community center lights. Awards: Queens Young Leadership Award, Ghana 30 Under 30
Young African Innovator, Top 40 African Young Innovators.

2:20 PM   2:40 PM  

Keynote: “Space is closer than you think”

Mikhail Kokorich is CEO of Momentus, a startup that has developed a water-plasma engine to move satellites between orbits.

2:40 PM   3:00 PM  

Keynote: “Support vs Help”

Eunice Olsen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, the Emmy Nominated series WomenTalk TV, Miss Singapore Universe 2000

3:00 PM   3:40 PM  

Pitch session:

Young Entrepreneurs - alumni of the Gooddler Social Impact Incubator - ApolloBox, Skilledreaders

3:40 PM    5:00 PM  


October 21, 2018

(by invitation only)

Stanford University
(Tresidder Memorial Union, Cypress Lounge)
459 Lagunita Drive, Stanford, CA 94305

Social Innovation Bootcamp:
a Module of Evolutionary Leadership Intensive

(NOTE: This event is by invitation only! An additional registration is required to attend this event. Space is limited)

Co-Hosted by:

Institute for Evolutionary Leadership

Evolutionary Leadership Community

GOODdler Foundation


When we learn to succeed in the current social reality we can't help but reinforce the status-quo. The cultural and institutional pressure we all encounter in the modern world, as well as our own limiting worldviews, often make it very hard to do purposeful work that genuinely contributes to building a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world for all. That is why leaders of the 21st century need to learn how to be successful in redesigning their own worldviews and the very cultures and institutions that cause complex social and environmental challenges of today. This is what Evolutionary Leadership is all about.

This year GOODdler Foundation brings its strategic partner, the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership (IEL), to provide participants of the GOODdler Social Innovation Youth Summit with a unique experience of learning about core competencies of Evolutionary Leadership directly from the IEL co-founders through applying these competencies to world-class systemic projects selected through the Evolutionary Future Challenge. This bootcamp is part of the 3-day Evolutionary Leadership Intensive & 6-month Evolutionary Leadership Fellows Program: #GOODdlerYouth will have an opportunity to work with the fellows helping them with their projects while learning insights and frameworks that help redesign social realities.

Tentative Day Flow

9:00 am - 10:30 am

Relationship Building & Check-In Activities

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Social Complexity Game

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Conceptual Overview of Evolutionary Leadership

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Conceptual Overview of the Seven Competencies of Evolutionary Leadership

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Assessing Fellows' Competencies & Generating List of Resources

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Closing Circle


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